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Yung Stylish is an Asian unsigned artist and producer from Boston, MA. He was born and raised in Boston on April, 29th 1990. He grew up with one brother and seven sisters that love listening to Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop music. Yung Stylish started his music career at the age of 17, He was influence by many artist such as (2pac, Nelly, Eminem, Dre, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thug n Harmony, Jay-Z, Usher, Trey Songz, T-Pain and much more). Before he started his music career, Yung Stylish was producing beat's from a title program called (Music Maker), He said "i just started messing around with some beat's/instrumental and decided to record for fun with some friend's and created a song called (What We Been Through), It was actually dedicated to my first love (Laugh) but then everybody said they loved the song so everything just kind of pop off from there on”.

Yung Stylish love making music so much because it effects on his life style and other people relationship, He invest most of his money he saved up to his recording equipment. He also drop out of high school to take music more serious, He said “I know I gave up so much in life of what I had in the future for me but that is just how much I love music. I didn’t want nothing else to do with anything but music even when school is very important, But I know someday, even if this road is endless, it all be worth it. So I just have to keep moving forward and strive for my dream that I’ve been chasing for”. Yung Stylish also been producing and engineering his own sound since he started recording, He has never stop recording since then.

In 2007, Yung Stylish friend told him that there were an Internet Social Network that can help him get known around the world called Myspace. He did not waste time and started to upload his songs on the Internet Sites. Yung Stylish was only getting a few plays on Myspace about 2 Hundred a day, So he knew if he wanted to get more attention on his music, He had to promote his stuff by introducing himself to the city passing out flyers, info cards, a lot of networking. A few days later Yung Stylish was getting about almost 5 Thousand plays a day, He was very proud of his hard work turning out great. Yung Stylish kept on working hard and bringing out songs. 1 Year Later, His music spread out quickly throughout the Internet, He had over 2 Million plays on Myspace. He said “2 Million plays on Myspace? Hell yea, that was a big progress! I will always keep it up”.